We all know driving in Colorado takes a serious toll on your vehicles finish.

To truly enjoy your vehicle, worry free of damaging the factory finish during use, automotive Clear Bra is the answer. The advances in both the Clear Bra itself, as well as the tools and techniques available to the installer, allow us to protect the vulnerable areas of your car to the level that you truly can’t tell what is covered and what isn’t.

Our Full Front Package is the most common level of coverage we install. For 2 reasons:

1. It looks the best

2. It provides the perfect level of protection to the Front End for every day vehicles

It Looks the Best

Lets face it, the goal of any quality Clear Bra project is for you to not even know it is there. The Full Front Package gives us the most opportunities to wrap edges of the film around body pannels of the car and hide edges along existing body lines. This plays a huge part in creating a truly invisible installation. A Clear Bra install can be spotted when there is an unnatural line right through the middle of the hood when Partial Coverage is chosen, when every possible edge is not wrapped, and when the alignment of necessary edges are not consistent with the body lines that hold them.

The pictures below show the extended edges on the top side and bottom side of the Fenders to wrap them and hide them completely. We also wrap every edge of the Hood as well as every edge possible on the Front Bumper.

It Provides Proper Protection
There is nothing worse than choosing the Partial Coverage option, that includes a 24″ strip across the leading edge of the Hood and Fenders, and then bouncing a rock off of inch 26. The Full Front Package protects the entire Hood, the Full Fenders, the Front Bumper, the Headlamps, and the Mirrors. These are the leading areas of your vehicle that will come in contact with road debris, creating rock chips and damaging the factory paint.
The Full Front Package is a commitment to maintaining the value of your investment. No more rock chips. No more road debris damage. No more insect etching. You can truly drive your car as it was meant to be driven without the worry of damaging the factory finish……and it will look darn good while you’re doing it. To begin the discussion on your Full Front Package click the Get Quote link to the right, fill out the form specifying how you’d like to be contacted, and we’ll go over the project in detail.

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