The 991 Porsche GT3RS is all business. Meaty tires, gigantic brakes, a full aero package, a purpose built interior, and plenty of power to push it around the track. The owners of this car intend to drive it as it was meant to be driven, so it is up to us to prepare it for them. Full Body Clear Bra Coverage and Quartz Coatings are exactly what this car needs to look great and be completely protected while the owners enjoy it.


The first step is always a thorough and proper decontamination of the vehicles surfaces. We start with a GYEON Quartz Foam pre soak and gentle hand wash to remove all loose dirt and contaminants from the vehicles surface. 



After the paint is clean, we use GYEON Iron to remove the below surface contaminants that have crept in to the paints pores during transport and our Clay Bar process to remove the above surface bonded contaminants. This gives us a perfectly pure paint surface to work with.

With the paint prepared, we can begin the Clear Bra installation.

The goal with any high quality Clear Bra project is for the film to be nearly invisible. To hide as many edges as we can, we remove the Headlamps and Side Markers on the Porsche 911 models and wrap the film in to the body section wherever possible. We also cover areas like the Wheels and Engine Bay while working to keep the install clean and those areas protected.

Time to lay down the Clear Bra!

After the Clear Bra is completely installed, we apply GYEON Quartz Coatings to the Clear Bra itself to extend the life, provide real UV and Chemical protection, add tons of gloss, and make wash maintenance simple and safe. We also Coated the Wheels in GYEON Q2 Matte for protection from brake dust and easy cleaning after a track day without altering the Satin Finish.

This car is now ready to enjoy!

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