Things we know:

1. The Colorado mountain and canyon roads are a BLAST to drive.

2. All of Colorado’s roads are extremely dirty.

3. If you drive on Colorado’s roads, especially on a spirited run with a few friends, you will 100% ruin the front end of your vehicle with Rock Chips and Road Debris.

So what do we do?

The solution is quite easy really:

Automotive Clear Bra. Clear Bra is the only GUARANTEED way to protect your new cars paint from rock chips and road debris.

I know what you’re going to say next: “But clear bra looks aweful”…..”I’ve seen it on my buddys car years ago and it looked terrible”…..”It never looks as good as the paint”.

Well what if you were wrong? What if the advancements in the technology of Clear Bra as well as the tools and techniques we have as installers have come such a long way that we can install Clear Bra to your vehicle and it will be nearly indestinguishable from the painted panel next to it?

Is it 100% indisitinguishable? No….but it is 97% indisitunguishable and that is well worth the pure fun of driving that new car through the canyons at full tilt and not worrying one bit about any rocks or road debris spoiling your day.

There are a few things that go in to a great install and that create that nearly invisible application:

1. The level of coverage. You need to cover at least the Full Front of the vehicle. This gives the cleanest look as well as the best level of protection. With the Full Hood and Full Fenders covered, we are able to leave the bare minimum amount of edges exposed and wrap in to as many body panels as possible. This creates a very uniform look with no edge or line break staright across the hood and fenders.


2. An experienced installer using pre cut patterns. Just because we use a pattern software does not mean we do not have the ability to completely manipulate the design of the film, and by using the full size 60″ Graphtec Plotter do it without using a razor blade to cut film all over the car and potentially score the paint (it happens way more than you think). By using the Xpel DAP Software we can extend any edge, draw any curve, remove any emblem or parking sensor we want. This leads to the cleanest possible install because we aren’t stretching and distorting the film and adhesive forcing it in to tough corners. We are using predesigned, factory spec patterns with the adjustments we want to lay the film in nice and gently.

3. You must use a high level film that utlizes a 2 layer system (base coat and separate gloss top coat). The old, single layered films are the ones you see yellowing and cracking as well as highly textured. The latest technolgy in Clear Bra uses a urethane top coat that mimics your factory clear coat in gloss, with low texture, and has a significantly better ability to withstand environmental impact like dirt, bugs, and water spots. The top coats are also Self Healing which means minor scratching from poor wash technique is no longer an issue. These new films look darn good. And when we install one of our Quartz Coatings it gets even better.

*This 2017 Porsche Turbo S received our Driver’s Package: Full Front + Rocker Panels + Rear Wheel Impact Area

Ok so what did we learn:

1.YES you can drive your car as it was meant to be driven without ruining the paint.

2. YES Automotive Clear Bra has come a long enough way to look great once installed on the vehicle and is well worth the investment to preserve your factory finish.

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