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What Is Ceramic Window Tint?

The sun can be incredibly damaging for cars and drivers. Its UV radiation is powerful enough to cause interior damage to a vehicle and it can also create glare for drivers and passengers. Tinting your car not only enhances the aesthetic beauty of your car but also provides long lasting functional benefits. In 2018 the […]

How To Prevent Paint Chips On Car

Aside from winning the lottery and maybe the birth of a child, the next most special day is driving home in a brand new car. It’s definitely a defining moment to show off new wheels and a flawless whip, but with it is also a hefty price tag. Your new investment deserves attention and proper […]

Ferrari 488 Pista in for XPEL Clear Bra

We are privileged enough to see most of the new Ferrari’s in Denver for Clear Bra and Ceramic Coatings, but the 488 Pista is always something special. This very sharply spec’d car is in for our most popular coverage option for any enthusiast driven car: the Driver’s Package in XPEL Paint Protection Film. The first […]

Exactly How Does Clear Bra Protect Your Paint?

As Colorado car enthusiasts, we are all well aware that we need clear bra, or paint protection film, to protect our paint from road debris impact that causes rock chips. One canyon run with a group of friends, on a contaminated road, and the guy behind you is toast. The paint is chipped. The windshield […]