Clear Bra or Ceramic Coating? Which One Do You Need?

So, what’s the difference between ceramic coating and clear bra, and which one should you have on your car? The answer is BOTH. These are two very different forms of surface protection that serve two very different purposes, but work exceptionally well together as a system to keep your paint looking like the day you bought it.

Clear Bra is an 8.5 mil thick optically clear urethane that is applied to the vulnerable areas of the vehicle. We typically wrap at least the Full Front, but Full Body Coverage is possible. The film will absorb the impact from road debris and keep it from permanently damaging the paint in the form or rock chips. When the film is properly applied, you won’t even know it is in place. It has a great gloss on its own, is easy to maintain, and will not fade or discolor when properly maintained (especially with the help of a Ceramic Coating).

Ceramic Coatings can be applied to every surface of the vehicle. Their job is to prevent the slow deterioration of the vehicles finish due to prolonged exposure to a harsh environment like Colorado. We see years of durability out of Ceramic Coatings compared to a wax or sealant. The Coatings provide a much more capable layer of protection against UV and environmental damage. Ceramic Coatings will produce a sealed surface that actively repels contaminant, keeping it from absorbing in to the pores of the finish and degrading it. The coatings also make regular maintenance washing very fast and effective. This is where they show in your day to day life. The more effectively we clean the surface, the less contaminant can degrade it over time, and the healthier the finish will look long term. The Coatings are applied over the Clear Bra as well, as we want it to serve the same benefit to the film as the rest of the car.

Our most popular combination of Clear Bra and Ceramic Coatings is presented in our Ultimate Protection Package. It addresses the areas most effected by rock chips and includes specific Ceramic Coatings for the Paint, Wheels, and Windshield.

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