Our Top Tips for Choosing a Clear Bra Installer

Our Top Tips for Choosing a Clear Bra Installer

Do you want to protect your car’s exterior? Paint protection film, or clear bra, is a worthy investment, especially if you use your vehicle daily. Of course, you want to select a company that can perform the job correctly. We encourage you to reference our tips for choosing a clear bra installer before you commit to a shop.

Choose the Amount of Protection You Want

Prior to booking your appointment, you should know how much coverage you want. In other words, think about if you want partial or full protection on your vehicle. Once you determine the level of protection you’d like, the installers can cut the film to perfectly fit that area.

Decide on Your Paint Protection Film

Ideally, you should choose an establishment that installs high-quality film. Different companies will use specific brands of paint protection film. Some installers opt for 3M, while others stand by SunTek or XPEL. Additionally, companies use specific techniques to install different brands of paint protection film.

Read Customer Reviews

As you probably already know, customer reviews are incredibly telling, which is why many people look at them before making purchasing decisions. Check Google and Yelp to see if you can spot multiple reviews with high ratings. A long history is ideal, too—this means the company has successfully performed these services for many years. Through these platforms, you’ll also know if the installer has ever incorrectly applied the film; if that’s the case, you’re bound to see photos of bubbles and peeling. You can even find out if the company has an unorganized facility—how the company cares for their brick and mortar should reveal the quality of service you’ll receive from them.

Watch Out for Abnormally Low Prices

It’s important to call and ask about pricing on the company’s services beforehand. If the prices are unusually low, the company could be using a cheaper product. This may also mean they just want to get customers in and out of their facility, so they’re probably not the reputable installer you’re hoping for.

Due to our experience, we can confidently say we’re the best clear bra installer in Denver. Our technicians can carefully install film on a wide range of models, including high-end vehicles from Porsche, Tesla, and many other top manufacturers. We always use state-of-the-art equipment and tools to perform our installations.

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