Paint Protection Film Versus Ceramic Coatings

Paint Protection Film Versus Ceramic Coatings

If you want your car to look new for longer, there are two products that can help protect your vehicle’s paint: paint protection film and ceramic coatings. While they are similar, they differ in a few key ways. We break down the differences between paint protection film versus ceramic coatings.

Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film, or clear bra, is a clear urethane “wrap” that decreases the likelihood of chips and scratches from rocks and other debris. It also shields your vehicle’s paint against bird droppings, dirt, and other potentially harmful substances. Many car owners opt for PPF because of the self-healing properties, which means it can easily absorb damage from kicked up dirt or gravel. Additionally, the film can last several years, so you can drive without fear of damaging your vehicle.

Ceramic Coating

A professional ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that bonds to your car and effortlessly attaches to the paint’s surface. Its primary benefits include strengthened paint and enhanced shine. Ceramic coatings not only keep your vehicle clean, but they also make cars easier to clean. Environmental contaminants, such as acid rain, bugs, and tar, easily wash away, and the coating effectively blocks the sun’s rays. Ceramic coatings, however, can’t eliminate the risk of chips. While they add a layer of protection, you may eventually notice imperfections. Much like paint protection film, though, it’s practically invisible and it’s ideal for all vehicle types.

Although there are obvious differences between paint protection film versus ceramic coatings, we do have some good news—you don’t have to select one option over the other. In fact, the two can work together to offer optimal protection for your vehicle. Ceramic coatings essentially extend the life of paint protection film.

It’s important to protect your car from any damage it may receive. Over one fifth of vehicle crashes are weather-related, and both the rain and the accident will affect your car’s paint. Whether you want to protect your vehicle from damage as small as chips to as large as peeling paint from an accident, a protective product can help. If you’d like to book a paint protection film or ceramic car coating service in Denver, contact our team today.

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