The Ultimate Protection Package is a system of paint protection products specifically designed to keep your new car looking better than the day you bought it for years to come. With thousands of cars serviced over 14 years in the Detailing and Paint Protection Industry we have seen it all. This package specifically protects the surfaces most frequently damaged by the Colorado environment during normal use. By combining Clear Bra (Paint Protection Film) with the latest technology in Ceramic Coatings we can present a car that can live its life in Colorado, enjoyed fully and driven as it was meant to be driven, without the worry of damage from rock chips and environmental damage like UV fading and bird droppings. Whether we are protecting your daily commuter or your weekend toy car, the Ultimate Protection Package will give you peace of mind, knowing that the car you care about is not being damaged.

Our Process


Before applying long term protection to the paint, we need to make sure it is in the best possible condition. There are many opportunities for your brand-new vehicles paint to be damaged before you take delivery. Poor wash maintenance by the dealership, damage and scuffs during shipping, and poor finish work from the factory can all be corrected through careful polishing and refinement of the paints clear coat bringing out the most color and shine possible from your new paint.


By applying Paint Protection Film, also known as Clear Bra, over the paint we are applying an 8.5 mil thick protective barrier that will absorb the impact from road debris and keep it from chipping the paint. It looks great, has a high gloss, does not yellow, is self-healing, and is warranted for 10 years from the manufacturer.

This package protects the Front Bumper, Headlamps and Fog Lamps, Full Hood, Full Fenders, Side Mirrors, and Door Cups from rock chips. These are the areas most commonly damaged by road debris. When we cover the Full Hood and Full Fenders in Clear Bra, we have the most opportunity to wrap and tuck the edges of the film for the cleanest look possible, with no line break across the hood and fenders that a Partial Clear Bra Coverage creates.


Ceramic Coatings compliment Clear Bra perfectly. The Ceramic Coatings will provide long term protection (measured in years and not months like a traditional wax or sealant) against UV fading and oxidation, environmental fallout, mag chloride, bird droppings, and other environmental contaminants that slowly erode the finish of your vehicle. The Ceramic Coatings also make the surface highly repellent, so dirt and grime will not stick to the surface and regular wash maintenance becomes fast and easy.

This package applies a 5 Year + Ceramic Coating to the exposed Paint and Clear Bra. It applies a Wheel specific Ceramic Coating to the Wheel Faces. And it applies a Windshield specific Glass Coating to the Front Windshield for high visibility in poor weather conditions.


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