Why Cleaning Your Car’s Exterior is Important

Why Cleaning Your Car’s Exterior is Important

When it comes to car maintenance, you may be tempted to perform the bare minimum. After all, a car is simply an object you use to get from point A to point B—right? This isn’t necessarily the case. While cleaning the outside of your vehicle may sound tedious, it’s essential that you do so year-round. Plus, exterior maintenance is super easy to accomplish at home. Below, our experts explain in detail why cleaning your car’s exterior is important and how you can effortlessly achieve pristine results.

You Can Better Protect the Paint

Your car’s paint plays an important role in its protection; it guards your vehicle’s metal and prevents rust. Once you destroy this paint layer, only bare metal is left behind, which is vulnerable to corrosion. Let’s look at a few factors that can rapidly destroy paint.

First, the sun’s rays can gradually fade car paint. Rain is another major one because, while many people believe heavy showers are nature’s car wash, this acidic moisture eats away at your car’s paint. Instead of letting these environmental factors wreak havoc on your vehicle, you should try to wash and wax your vehicle away from direct sunlight and before it rains. Exposed chips are also big culprits, as they can eventually rust, even if they’re small. Unfortunately, it’s easy for paint to chip off your vehicle, especially if you crash it. In fact, these accidents are more common than you think—almost a third of all car accidents are rear end collisions, which can severely ruin your paint. A fresh wash and wax will reduce the likelihood that you chip your car’s paint if you crash it or if someone (or something) else damages it.

Your Car Can Maintain A High Resale Value

As you know, cars depreciate once you drive them off the lot. To get the most money for your vehicle in the future, you should take the best care of it now. Like your car’s interior, how its exterior appears significantly impacts its value. Simply put, a clean car looks more appealing to other people, especially potential buyers. People are also willing to spend more for a sparkling, blemish-free vehicle. If you want to increase your car’s value, fix peeling paint as soon as you notice it, and stick to a regular cleaning schedule.

Your Car Has Better Fuel Efficiency

Research suggests that a clean car can have better fuel efficiency. When your car is dirty, the debris in the air attaches to that grime, which creates more drag and causes your vehicle to burn more fuel over time. Your car should have a smooth surface, so you can travel without spending a pretty penny. While the difference in gas mileage isn’t considerable, it’s still an improvement!  

You Can Prevent Repairs

If you let debris collect on your car for too long, it can cause irreversible damage. Dirt isn’t just bothersome—it can scratch your vehicle, even if it has a clear coat. If you wash your car now, you’ll certainly thank yourself later.

As you clean your car, remember to thoroughly wash the areas that car owners often overlook, such as doorjambs and inner door panels. Wheels are also crucial components of your car that you must clean frequently, and if you leave brake dust on them for too long, it can seriously damage your vehicle.

You Save Money

Keeping your vehicle clean in the first place means you won’t have to worry about paying for unnecessary work. Take headlights and wheels, for example—they’re some of the dirtiest parts of a car, so you’ll need to clean them with the proper products. If you neglect them, however, they can age quicker and you’ll have to replace them faster than necessary. Although you must purchase cleaning supplies, it’s a small investment compared to costly repairs. Going out and cleaning your car will also give you an excuse to tighten loose mirrors, plates, and other parts that you may otherwise ignore.

You Can Stay Safe

It should come as no surprise that if your rims and wheels have caked on dirt on them, they’ll affect your car’s performance and put you at risk. When you wash your vehicle, don’t forget to meticulously scrub these areas to remove the dirt. Also, dirty headlights, mirrors, and windows, as well as a murky windshield, won’t provide you with the full visibility required to drive safely. Take the time to wipe these parts down with a cleaner that’s specifically designed for auto applications. This is an important step, as you’ll remove acidic residue from bugs, bird droppings, and other contaminants off your car.

There you have it—six reasons why cleaning your car’s exterior is important. Ultimately, you should clean your vehicle to not only feel proud of it, but to also extend its life. To best prolong your car’s paint, we have another suggestion for you: come to us for a clear bra or ceramic coating in Denver. Clear bras are virtually undetectable and protect better than waxes, and ceramic coatings provide a glossy finish that lasts longer than waxes. These make a world of difference, and you can relax knowing the factory finish will remain undamaged for longer. Additionally, both options add a luxurious shine and protect against inclement weather.

Denver residents prefer booking services with our family-owned company because we prioritize your prized possession. We know your vehicle’s appearance is important to you, so our experienced team makes sure it looks its best. We’ve been protecting cars’ finishes for over a decade, and we work in a large, clean, and organized facility. It’s safe to say we know what we’re doing.

Furthermore, our team is continuously expanding their knowledge; staff members frequently attend conferences to be sure they use the latest techniques. Finally, our professionals choose to use the finest products available. We test everything, so you can feel comfortable with the fact that we won’t cut corners—ever. To schedule your clear bra or ceramic coating service, give us a call today!

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