Denver Auto Shield exists to help people gain the maximum enjoyment out of their automotive investment. When you know your car is looking its best, it is more fun to drive. When you know the paint and other surfaces are well protected from damage, the car is more fun to drive. We are not a volume operation. We are not taking on wholesale and dealership work. We are enthusiast driven, where each car receives individual attention from start to finish and treated as if it was our own. Denver Auto Shield is where you bring the car you care about. With the rise in popularity of Clear Bra and Ceramic Coatings over the last several years, you must be extremely careful in where you bring your prized possession.

We understand that your car isn’t just a personal possession—it’s an experience. Your vehicle is an investment that we know you want to drive and appreciate for many years to come. That’s why we make it our priority to help you love your car and enjoy its new-looking appearance for as long as possible. We know you don’t want to damage your vehicle’s finish, so we help you preserve it with unmatched services. Our Denver car paint protection installations are professional and dependable, and you’re not going to believe the difference a protective coating can make.



Our shop is intentionally designed to produce industry leading results. We operate in 4000 sf of clean and organized work space. The shop is under 3 air conditioning units to keep our install environment consistent year-round. Separate air filters are hung from the ceiling to decontaminate the air. We have an indoor floor drain where all prep work is done inside and out of the elements. 6500k high bay lighting is installed throughout the shop to show us even the smallest defects in paint and film. A clean and controlled environment is crucial to top level results. We are not installing film in a dealership service bay.


Denver Auto Shield uses only the best products available on your vehicle. We have chosen the brands we work with very intentionally. Each product used on your car has gone through years of personal testing, is backed by consistent and quality organizations, and we know exactly how they will perform in the very specific Colorado environment. We do not cut corners and use cheap materials. We use the best of the best.
Denver Auto Shield offers two types of automotive protective products at our location near Denver, CO. We proudly offer XPEL Ultimate Clear Bras and Gyeon Quartz ceramic coatings. A clear bra protects your car from road debris. We custom-design each one so that it fits your car perfectly and provides ample coverage. Our XPEL-trained professional installers take the time to meticulously finish each vehicle. A ceramic coating offers protection against chemical damage, UV rays, and more. Additionally, it enhances the look of your car’s paint, resulting in a look that’ll blow you away.


We are constantly improving our skills and techniques, holding tight relationships with the other leaders in the industry where we share ideas and compare notes. We attend the dealer conferences for the brands we carry each year to make sure we are up to date. We attend SEMA each year to make sure we are aware and in tune with latest tools and trends in the industry. Our skill level is at the top of the curve. We pride ourselves in safely applying these materials to your car at a level that our competition cannot match.


What sets us apart from other Denver car paint protection companies is the personalized attention we give you and your vehicle. Denver Auto Shield is a customer service driven organization. We are fully committed to positively contributing to your experience of your car. We’re a family-owned company, and we have over a decade of experience protecting cars’ finishes. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, honesty, and long term customer relationships. The trust of our customers is our most valuable asset. We’ve applied films and coatings on a wide range of models and makes, so we know exactly how to service your unique vehicle.

Don’t let Colorado’s road conditions slow you down. Show off your car’s beauty with gloss and added protection. If you’re interested in booking the best automotive protective coating in Denver,
contact us or call Denver Auto Shield today.