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    Denver’s Car Paint Protection Experts

    Denver Auto Shield is a trusted company for new vehicle paint protection in the Denver, CO, area.

    We currently offer clear bra and ceramic coating services. A clear bra acts as a paint shield, deflecting kicked-up road debris. Ceramic coatings provide shine and maximum protection, repelling chemical damage and the sun’s rays.


    Our Goal is to help you enjoy the car you love by offering the latest technology in new car paint protection systems. Colorado has some of the most exciting driving roads in the Country. They are also some of the most damaging to your vehicles finish. We install XPEL Clear Bra, also known as a Paint Shield or Paint Protection Film, and GYEON Quartz Ceramic Coatings as a Complete Vehicle Protection System so you can drive your car without the worry that it is being damaged by harmful road conditions.

    For crisp, clean installation you can depend on, call our Denver vehicle paint protection experts today.


    Denver Auto Shield is a family owned operation committed to adding to the experience of your new car. We are car guys at heart and enjoy the work we do, as well as the relationship we get to create with our customers. We are not a volume operation. Your vehicle receives individual attention where quality of installation is our number one priority. With 13 years of experience, we have seen it all in terms of what your new car needs to maintain its value and stay looking its best while you own it.

    Some of Our Happy Customers

    Ryan Sabga

    Ryan Sabga

    Ferrari F430

    “Denver Auto Shield has performed their Clear Bra and Ceramic Coating service on several of my cars and I am incredibly impressed with the work. I have never seen a black car look so flawless. Not only do the cars look better than new after the paint correction but the Gyeon and Xpel products are proving to be very durable as well. Jeff and his team definitely earned my business and I will be a customer for as long as they will have me.”

    Tommy Kobayashi

    Tommy Kobayashi

    Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS

    I’ve had Denver Auto Shield protect many of my newly aquired cars (’13 SL63, ’09 SL65 Black Series, ’16 Turbo S, ’14 Ferrari 458, ’15 Porsche Targa 4 GTS, ’14 E63) so far, and WOW – easily the best shop in Colorado! Jeff and Jared’s knowledge and skills are top of the class, and you can tell that they really have a passion for making and keeping cars beautiful. I will be bringing all my vehicles back to them for years to come!

    Dave Elkan

    Dave Elkan

    Ford Focus RS

    “When I ordered my Focus RS I knew I needed to have it properly protected. I drive this car heavily all year round, back and forth from Snow Mass. We applied the Xpel Ultimate Clear Bra and GYEON Coatings to this car and it is a dream to maintain. I am very impressed with how well the system is holding up with how hard I drive it. I highly recommend Denver Auto Shield to anyone that wants to keep their vehicle in the best shape possible.

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