How to Clean and Maintain a Clear Car Bra

How to Clean and Maintain a Clear Car Bra

We all know that keeping our vehicles clean is a key part of what helps them look good. For those who use a car bra to protect their vehicles, though, this process is even more crucial. While a clear bra, specifically, is known not to need much for maintenance, it’s still important their owners take the time to keep them clean. Use these important steps to learn how to clean a clear car bra, and prolong its protective lifespan.

Wet the Vehicle

First and foremost, rinse the car of any dirt or grime. As you do this, be sure you keep the hose about a foot away from the surface of the clear bra. While these films are meant to be water proof, they’re still vulnerable at the seams. Any direct water pressure in these areas can break the protective seal.

Gently Wash and Rinse

Once the vehicle is damp, use a microfiber glove and specialty car wash soap to gently wipe away the dirt that remains. One of the most effective techniques for this step is to scrub in the center first, and then, work your way out to the edges. Do not to scrub too hard, especially near the edges, as this can cause the soap to penetrate the seal and slowly break down the adhesive.

When you know the vehicle is clean, rinse the surface in the same way you initially did until no soap remains. Any remaining suds can wear away at the protective coating and make it less effective at blocking impacts from the road.

Dry and Polish

To dry your clear bra, take an unused microfiber cloth and wipe in straight lines over the car’s surface. This type of cloth will help you prevent scratches, and you can simultaneously shine the coating and give it a premium finish. It’s also recommended you apply a coat of wax or polish to provide the surface with an extra layer of protection. When doing so, make sure to apply it with the same technique as you did to wash it. This will help prevent streaks and buff out any remaining scuff marks.

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