Improve the looks and comfort of your car with XPEL Automotive Window Tint Installation. At Denver Auto Shield, we feel XPEL films are the best glass tint on the market, and perfect for the intense Denver, Colorado climate. The XPEL Prime Ceramic Window Tint will keep the interior of your car cool and comfortable by blocking the infrared rays that generate heat. It will protect you and your passengers by blocking harmful cancer causing UV rays that damage your skin. XPEL Tint protects the interior surfaces of your car including leather, trim, and plastics from fading. And of course, it improves the look of your vehicle.


We use the XPEL DAP Design Software to precut perfectly designed window tint patterns, designed by the leading pattern designers in the world. Using the XPEL  Tint patterns produces a clean, precise, and uniform fitment with zero risk of cutting your vehicles glass with a blade.

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What is Ceramic Tint?

Ceramic Window Tint utilizes a nano-ceramic construction which is far superior in terms of heat rejection than traditional metalized or dyed films. The difference is clearly noticeable, and with the intensity of the sun in Denver, Colorado a Ceramic Window Tint is worth the investment.

How dark will my tint look?

The “darkness” of your tint is measured in VLT (Visible Light Transmission) and is described using percentages (%). It is the amount of visible light (daylight) that the tint will transfer through the window and in to the car. A higher VLT percentage will result in a “lighter” tint. And a lower VLT percentage will result in a “darker” tint. So a 35% tint will look lighter and 20% tint will look darker.

Does the Ceramic tint block UV rays?

Yes. Quality XPEL Tint blocks 99% of UV-A and UV-B rays. UV-A rays are responsible for skin
aging, and UV-B rays are responsible for sunburn. While UV rays are harmful to human skin, they will
also fade and damage your interior surfaces like the dash, seats, and trim. Learn more about how we operate here.

Does the Tint block heat?

Yes. The prime reason to install window tint in Colorado is to keep the interior of your cars cabin cool, and the sun from beating down on your forehead or cheek when driving! The XPEL Prime Ceramic Tint leads the class in UV and IR ray blocking.